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    Ne'X Ekho
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I'd like to meet these feature points, but I'm almost interested in seeing what creative folks can come up with.
1. Retain the Quake 3 Logo style in some fashion, I don't care if it is a dali-style dripping Q with the 3 marks as long as it
is there
2. I'd like to see some more Quake 3 style in there, be it variations on popular map themes (space/clean, gothic/bloody, etc) or
just characters/screenshots behind it.
3. Some more color in there, along with a version that isn't as colorful for watermarks.
4. Preferably SVG as well as some other standard sizes for web/installers/avatars/etc.
5. Maybe some kind of implication that the engine is for both players and developers, half action/half blueprint or some shit for the main page logo.

I realize that I'm asking for a lot, which is why I don't really want to be so picky.
So, these are just some suggestions, I'm not a real artist.
There are many talented artists out there who don't
read our developer mailinglist.
Why not put this on the website and arrange a contest?!
Contact some Quake- and gaming websites and see
what's coming.


16:54 <@calimer> the prize is a date with zakk
16:54 <@calimer> and grand prize is you get to pet his pony tail


    [[File:http://i44.tinypic.com/sux7ya.jpg|Ne'X Ekho]]