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Three is a first person shooter that will be extremely similar to Quake 3 in gameplay.

The goal with it is twofold. The first is to provide a game that people downloading ioquake3 who don't own Quake 3 can start playing right away. The second is to provide a base layer of code (under the GPL v2) and assets (under a Creative Commons license) that give game developers and modders a place to start that isn't the non-free Quake 3 base game, baseq3.

Right now this is just an idea and a mostly empty repository on github.

This is what about what we're thinking of for an initial release.

  • Replace default menu with ioquake3 logo'd menu.
  • three-ten unique maps.
    • Only one of which has to be available in the first release.
    • The first of which should be a simple deathmatch map.
  • Sound effects, menus,
    • again, only a bare minimum is required for the first release.
  • 3-4 default weapon styles (machine gun, rocket launcher, shotgun, )
    • Only one of which would be required for the first release.
  • 3-4 different character models (man, woman, whatever)
    • Only one is required for the first release