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baseioq3, or ioq3test is, by default, a first person shooter that is vaguely similar to Quake 3 in gameplay.

Optimally at some point it would include many modes similar to other Quake 3 mods so that we could demonstrate the variety of gameplay possible. So you could have a more realistic shooter mode with limb damage and bleeding similar to RQ3 maybe even including an iron-sight aiming mode. One mode could be similar to an RTS, another could be a side-scroller similar to the old target quake and so on.

In order to ship this as soon as possible we could limit the art style to be similar to that of Black Shades Flat-shaded looking surfaces and an open cityscape backdrop.

  • Replace default menu with ioquake3 logo'd menu. Maybe change up the colors to match the website?
  • three-ten unique maps.
    • Only one of which has to be available in the first release.
    • The first of which should be a simple deathmatch map.
  • Sound effects, menus,
    • again, only a bare minimum is required for the first release.
  • 3-4 default weapon styles (machine gun, rocket launcher, shotgun, )
    • Only one of which would be required for the first release.
  • 3-4 different character models (man, woman, whatever)
    • Only one is required for the first release