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[[pak0 locations | Where is pak0.pk3 on the disc?]]
[[pak0 locations | Where is pak0.pk3 on the disc?]]
[http://ioquake3.org/files/installer_stuff/quake3_new.svg  ioquake3's logo in svg]

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Packaging ioquake3 should be as easy as possible. I'd like to get a standard installer for all three platforms. But that probably isn't possible. So right now the ideal installers per-platform are:

  • NSIS for Windows.
    • Currently this is missing some ioquake3 logos.
  •  ??? for OS X
    • Currently all we can do is generate a .dmg at best. I'd like to have something better.
  • MojoSetup for Linux
    • Here is the first attempt at mojo_setup (thanks to Nemoder!)
      • However, Currently we use loki_setup
        • BLEH.

Things to help out packagers:

Where is pak0.pk3 on the disc?

ioquake3's logo in svg