Mod or Standalone?

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Considerations when deciding to take your mod standalone, or is it better to just make an ioquake3 mod?

Standalone means you ship a copy of the engine with at least modified binary name and base/default mod whereas an ioquake3 mod only ships with the game code and without engine.

Making a Standalone Game Gets You:

  • Change the Engine Code:
    You can make changes to the binary that are incompatible with the ioquake3 scheme. Want raytracing by default? Maybe your own particle system. Go for it with the standalone.
  • Responsibility to release Updates:
    You will have to handle and release (security) fixes yourself

Making an ioquake3 Mod Gets You:

  • Consistent Player Configuration:
    A separate game has to be configured separately whereas a mod inherits the initial settings (video mode, key binds) from baseq3
  • Consistent Updates from the Engine:
    A separate game has to be updated separately ie the user will not benefit from (security) fixes in ioquake3 immediately or ever after the standalone game inevitably stops being updated.
  • Platform Independence
    A qvm mod is platform independent, a huge benefit for users of the less common platforms/operating systems.