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Here is what we want to see in future front-end programs for ioquake3:


  • Visually appealing UI, with ioquake3 theme.
  • RSS newsfeed of ioquake3
  • Ability to update itself.


  • Ability to load/save profiles.
  • Player name rendered as it appears in ioquake3.
  • Player model rendered in a OpenGL view.


  • Load ioquake3, mods & ioquake3-based games from the front-end.
  • Built-in server browser.


  • Pre-load game data from Quake 3: Arena/Team Arena CDs into correct location (with id EULA pop-up).
  • Download/Update stable ioquake3 engine.
  • Download/Update & test nightly builds of ioquake3 engine, without disturbing stable version.
  • Download/Update ioquake3 based mods, maps, models & stand-alone games.
  • LAN Bootstrap: For LAN admins/users to quickly pre-load content from local server.
  • Ability to download content via http, ftp & bittorrent.


  • Set global ioquake3 variable & command-line options, with human readable descriptions.
  • Game server administration via built-in RCON client.

Previous Discussion

Mainly I want to get sparkle: So I can update both ioquake3 and the front-end without requiring the user to visit the website/download/install/etc. and also add the logo/prettify it. --Zakk 23:46, 16 March 2009 (UTC)

To me, a more interesting UI would have a list of settable variables that users could toggle/set and perhaps even implement profiles so you can quickly save/load different profiles. This part is from Harley Laue

Daniel Lord would like to see: " And some server admin capability."

Perhaps a more comprehensive content delivery system type program would be best. Doesnt have to be complicated, built-in bittorrent client for patching, some kind of game definition file so many games can be defined, and their settings changed. A new project aside from ioquake3. Just my 2 pennycents --Evilspacehamster