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If you like ioquake3 and you'd like to give back, excellent, we could use your help!


We need to move more of our documentation from git to this wiki, and write more. There are plenty of red links on here that need to be filled out with useful information, and blue links that are outdated and need to be updated, double-checked for accuracy, and reformatted for readability. Sign up for the wiki, and get started editing pages today!


People have questions, they ask them on our forums, Facebook, and IRC channel and on other services and websites. Answer them if you can, and add them to the Players Guide on this wiki or Sys Admin Guide if you feel they're common enough and then link the people asking questions to those pages if they have more questions.



Like most free software projects, we need more developers to help us keep up to date with changes to our supported platforms, new platforms, and new projects that work with ioquake3.

Our most important project right now is building a launcher/updater for ioquake3 so that we can get players up-to-date with our test builds as our last stable release was in 2009.

The source code for ioquake3 is available here.

I don't know where to get started, can I still help?

Ask on our forums, IRC, or send us a tweet and we'll get you on the right track.