Building ioquake3

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

NOTE: The following instructions will not work until the patches in [Bug 3779] are applied. If they are not, you may apply them yourself between steps 4 & 5.

  1. Download/Install [Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express].
  2. Download/Install [Microsoft DirectX SDK].
  3. Download/Install [Tortoise SVN].
  4. [Checkout] ioQuake3 from svn://
  5. Open misc/msvc/ioq3.VS2008.sln.
  6. Choose a build configuration (Debug, Debug TA, Release, Release TA).
  7. Build (outputs to build/<configuration>/ioquake3.exe).

These steps have only been tested on Windows XP (32-bit). If it works on other versions of Windows please post here.