Server rate limit

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When running as a dedicated server, it would be wasteful of CPU resources to let the main loop repeatedly call {{#ifexist:Com_Frame|Com_Frame()|Com_Frame()}} as fast as it can, since a dedicated server does not perform nearly as much computation per frame as a client does. When running as a dedicated server, therefore, there are rate-limiting pauses, depending on the platform:


On Unix, each frame is delayed using {{#ifexist:NET_Sleep|NET_Sleep()|NET_Sleep()}}, which is called by {{#ifexist:SV_Frame|SV_Frame()|SV_Frame()}}. It blocks for network activity or a timeout period before returning.


On Windows, {{#ifexist:NET_Sleep|NET_Sleep()|NET_Sleep()}} is not implemented, but there is a 5 msec delay in the main loop in {{#ifexist:WinMain|WinMain()|WinMain()}} when running as a dedicated server. This delay effectively caps the FPS at 200 and prevents the main loop from going into a tight spin and consuming all CPU resources.