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Things we won't ever be doing!


New build system of the week.

Punkbuster (unless even balance wants to work with us)

Modifications to the core Quake 3: Arena/ Team Arena gameplay. Put that into
your great mod, don't screw with this.

Removing the CD Key/pk3 checksums, yes jerks are going to do this on their own,
no we aren't going to support them. Obviously that doesn't apply if you're
making a total conversion. That is, if you're not using any id data from the
pk3s from either Team Arena or the original game itself.

Removing the SDL/OpenAL header files from git. Having them in git makes it easier
for non-Linux platforms to compile the game. This isn't changing.

MP3 support. It is already done, see:

All development should take place on the trunk. This includes bug
fixes, new features and experimental stuff.

Release branches should not receive any commits that aren't also made
to the trunk. Normally you /shouldn't/ commit to release branches as
such commits are periodically merged from the trunk. These merges are
harder to perform if there are sporadic commits made in the interim.

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES ever commit to a tag. A tag is a static
snapshot which is intended to be unchanging.