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The launcher for ioquake3. Built with QT, written in C++.

This project's goal as an updater is to get everyone on Windows, OS X, and Linux onto modern versions of ioquake3, and keep them up-to-date in a style similar to other stand-alone launcher/updater systems for games that aren't on major digital-distribution platforms.

As a launcher this project should enable easy access to ioquake3 features that are otherwise buried in wikis, forums, and README files.

Future goals could include the ability to launch an encapsulated mod for quake 3 or standalone games and keep them updated and on the latest versions of ioquake3 as well.


  • Visually appealing UI, with ioquake3 theme.
  • RSS newsfeed of ioquake3
  • Ability to update itself.
  • Cross platform.


  • Ability to load/save profiles.
  • Player name rendered as it appears in ioquake3.
  • Player model rendered in a OpenGL view.


  • Load ioquake3, mods & ioquake3-based games from the front-end.
  • Built-in server browser.


  • Pre-load game data from Quake 3: Arena/Team Arena CDs, Steam, GoG, into correct location (with id EULA pop-up).
  • Download/Update stable ioquake3 engine.
  • Download/Update & test nightly builds of ioquake3 engine, without disturbing stable version.
  • Download/Update ioquake3 based mods, maps, models & stand-alone games.
  • LAN Bootstrap: For LAN admins/users to quickly pre-load content from local server.
  • Ability to download content via http, ftp & bittorrent.


  • Set global ioquake3 variable & command-line options, with human readable descriptions.
  • Game server administration via built-in RCON client.

3rd Party Update Options

Other launcher/updater software that behaves similarly to how launch should in terms of updating